Go-to-market strategic services

  • Surface what matters most to buyers
  • Craft the hard-hitting message
  • Put your competitors in a box

Take command of your market

Companies love to talk about their technology and services. Buyers don’t care. To take command of your market, you need an “outside-in” approach to your go-to-market strategy, one that’s based on buyer motivation and differentiated value.

Go-to-market quick start

The Go-to-market Quick Start is a packaged service that delivers a strategy and associated deliverables in an accelerated timeframe. Deliverables can include all or some of the below, depending on what makes the most sense for your company.



We deliver a clear and focused identity for your company and its product and services.


We identify or confirm priority target buyers and market/industry segments.

Messaging and Positioning

We develop messaging that clearly articulates how to talk about your company so your buyers take action.

Messaging includes a buyer-centric description of your products and services, your differentiation and the benefits you deliver.

Operational Readiness

We recommend operational changes required for the strategy to work.

Buyer Voice Approach

At the core of the Quick Start is our Buyer Voice approach, which we use to quickly create the strategy, messaging and positioning, and other deliverables needed to ensure your company’s products and services resonate with your target buyers.

Buyer Voice is based on market and competitive analysis, and takes advantage of Qualitative Primary Research (QPR). QPR delivers insight impossible to glean from any other source, and entails executive-to-executive interviews with key decision makers. Only QPR:

  • Goes beyond typical Voice of Customer exercises to uncover factors central to buying decisions
  • Delivers an executive perspective into market perception, core business triggers and pain points, key buying criteria, and perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Is the basis for our recommendations, which are typically actionable in 6 weeks