Corporate development and operational services

  • Align to the opportunity
  • Remove the barriers
  • Deliver 10x returns

Winning requires both building the right plan and strong execution

Too often good companies underachieve while others break out and enjoy the upside of sustained growth and market leadership. The winners are the teams who are able to both target the right opportunities and execute consistently. While this sounds simple, most struggle to connect the dots and keep them connected as the company grows and the market evolves.

We have been involved with hundreds of growth companies. We know how to set the direction and make it happen. We know how to adjust and evolve as your company and market mature. We can identify when the problem is operational versus strategic. We can distinguish issues with your team versus your market or product. We know the playbooks for market entry, rapid growth and global scale. We understand investors, strategic buyers and corporate development. We can put you on the path to winning.

Specific service offerings include:

Performance Review & Root Cause

Understand execution and results trends.

Identify barriers to more consistent and/or rapid growth.

Recommend focus areas and action program.

Market Opportunity & Strategy Tune Up

Identify new market/segment opportunities for the company.

Rate, rank, size and assess—including operational and strategic implications.

Propose priorities and roadmap for execution and corporate development.

COO & Operational Services

Articulate operational plan including goals, metrics and initiatives.

Identify key actions, resources and systems needed to deliver.

Mobilize the team to align and execute.